About The JENS

About JENerationFIT

JENerationFIT believes in providing a comprehensive and personal approach towards online and in person nutrition and exercise counseling.  Jennifer Clark and Jennifer Minihan have been both friends and figure competition partners for years.  In 2011, the Jen’s as they are affectionately called, decided to combine their years of experience and create JENerationFIT.  When you sign up for one of our services you will receive the following:

Step - 1 Questionnaire/Initial Phone Consultation
Prior to our initial phone conversation, an in depth confidential questionnaire will be emailed to you that is used to assess your current lifestyle and will help us discuss your goals with you.  During the initial phone consultation you will speak with us where we’ll discuss the questionnaire and we’ll listen to your current challenges that keep you from reaching your nutrition and exercise goals.  We’ll review the questionnaire in depth and talk with you about how we can help you reach your goals.

Step 2 – Custom Nutrition and Exercise Monthly Plan
Your personal nutrition and exercise plan is generated by each of the Jen’s and emailed to you within 72 hours.  This plan is a detailed nutrition and exercise plan which will map out your daily food “checking account” and a week by week exercise schedule.  Our belief at JENerationFIT is simple.  We believe Knowledge is Power.  When you know about the right kinds of foods to eat to fuel your body and the right kinds of exercises that will energize your body, we believe you can achieve your nutrition and exercise goals.  This isn’t about another diet.  At JENerationFIT we don’t believe in diets, our goal is to teach you how to “feed” your body.  As your health coaches, we will help educate you on how to incorporate food and exercise into your life based on your goals and lifestyle.  In addition, we’ll provide you with some great resources such as easy to prepare recipes and healthy snack ideas.

Step 3 – Phone Session
We’ve found that in order to be the most effective, either a follow up phone call or in person meeting to discuss your plan is best.  The Jen’s will follow-up with an in person meeting for our locals or a phone session for our out-of-towners.  We’ll take the time to go over your plan in detail and will answer any questions you may have.   By the end of this session you should feel ready to conquer your nutrition and exercise goals armed with the advice of your personal health coaches.

Weekly Check-In’s
While on our plan in order to experience the greatest success you will be required to complete and submit via email a weekly check in.  Our check in form is a way for us to see your successes as well as your struggles or hurdles you encounter.  We require check-ins to be submitted on Mondays and will respond to you via email within 24 hours.

Email/Phone/Text Support
Each of our plans provides various levels of additional support through email, phone or text.  Depending on your goals and needs, we invite you to read about the plans offered under Services Provided to see which fits you the best!!!  We are excited and honored for you to have chosen JENerationFIT to help you meet your nutrition and exercise goals!!!!!

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