Jennifer Zelop

Who Is Jen Z?
I never liked being “that” person who would list their credentials and give that as the reason why you should pick me to be the one who helps you reach your health goals. I’ve encountered a number of medical and non medical professionals in my lifetime that have an arm sleeve full of credentials and I was still left without answers in my quest for better health. Rather I would like to share my story with you about how I got to be here today on this website.

I was in my 20’s and I met an amazing trainer by the name of Patti who also happened to be a female body builder. I was enamored by her physique. She quickly took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew about training and nutrition. I was hooked. I wanted nothing more than to train and help nourish people physically and emotionally as Patti did for me. Unfortunately, like so many of us do, I put my passions aside and continued in my day job as an International Tax Planner. As I was readying for my first bodybuilding competition I fell in love! New love and preparing for a physique competition do not go hand in hand. I put my dreams on hold and focused on my day job and my new love! Fast forward a few years and new love gave way to marriage and babies!!! When I gave birth to my first son I realized that I wasn’t going to forget about my goals and dreams any more. This new life made me realize that we can all be “reborn” at any moment. Whether it’s a new life, a new moment, a new dream or a new goal-“NEW” starts all the time. I immediately started back to school to finish my credentials in order to help others fulfill their dreams and goals as they relate to nutrition and wellness.

Besides going back to school I fulfilled my dream of competing in my first physique competition followed up by another one shortly thereafter. Placing top 5 in multiple categories in both competitions. My competing was cut short by a diagnosis of a severe hormonal imbalance in 2009. One that has severely impacted all aspects of my health. Over the last two years I have been battling my way back to health all the time using nutrition and exercise as my source of medicine. It was during this time that I discovered my power. Not only have I learned to heal through food and exercise, I experienced first-hand how whole natural foods, exercise, vitamins and minerals are empowering both physically and emotionally. Working out and eating foods that fuel my body have also fueled my spirit! My dream now is to help others discover their power and help you reach your health and wellness goals.