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Letting go…

The past few days have been very interesting.  When you get the same message over and over from different sources, you have to stop and pay attention.  The message for me was, “in order to achieve a goal, you must let go of it.”  What??  That doesn’t make sense to the Type A personality in me.  I have always believed that in order to achieve a goal you must work hard, focus, and keep your eye on the prize.  Let go??  Let go of my goal of being a pro fitness competitor?  It’s what drives me to work hard and maintain my meal plan for 12 weeks at a time.  It’s why I plan to travel to the West coast of Canada at the end of June to compete in a show where my chances of winning are pretty good.  Becoming a Pro in my favorite federation-The WBFF is my goal!

Then, I thought about it.  Why do I love competing so much and why do I want this Pro status?  After a lot of thought, I realized that I was going to haul my cookies across the continent to compete in a show just because I had a good chance of winning when there is a local show, in which all of my friends will be competing in and watching, that is right around the corner.  Why am I not doing this show?  It makes sense for me to do this show.  I love competing with my friends and they will all be there!  It’s one of the main reasons I compete!  Truthfully, the reason I have avoided this local show is because I have a slim chance of winning.  This show will be big.  Very BIG.  Many of my mentors will be competing in this show.  Also, I wouldn’t have as much prep time.  I can’t possibly get ready in three weeks, can I?

Let go.

Okay.  I heard it.  Now it’s time to let go.  And so I began my prep for this local show.  I am not competing in it for the win.  I am competing in it to have a blast!  I will have fun with my friends and have fun once again getting up on stage.   I am also out to prove to myself that I can actually prep for a show in 3 weeks.  It won’t be easy, but it will be a challenging goal! I know I can do this.  I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  I don’t have to focus on my win, I can just be.  I still ask myself, “Am I doing the right thing?  Am I sure?”  No, I’m not sure.   The only thing I know is that this show is purely for the love of my sport.

My win can wait for another show, or maybe it will never happen.  If I don’t let go now and make room in my heart, better things cannot come in.  Who knows?  Let’s see what happens now that I’ve let go.

A Day in the Life…

Hello everyone! One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do you do it? You are the mother of four active children, the co-owner of a thriving personal training business, a top level fitness competitor and heavily involved in school activities.” Well, I am starting a blog on our website ( to show you how it all gets done. Every few weeks, I will fill you in on my latest adventure, and open a window into my world to see how I make it all work while keeping my sense of humor!

If I were to title my life story in one word, it would be BALANCE. What does that mean? I carve up my time so that I include everything that is important to me and my family. I make sure that it all happens, because EVERYTHING has equal importance. Yes folks, that includes ME. For example, my workouts are scheduled for 5am most mornings so this way, I am home before the kids get up and ready to juggle the day ahead. Daytime is for my clients when you can find me creating workouts, training clients, answering questions and usually throwing in some errands in between. After 3:00 then it’s time for the kids. I run them around to all of their practices and various activities; I sit down with them to help with homework and honestly, just spending time with them sometimes doing nothing! With four children, they all need a little one on one time. Then there is my husband, Tom. We always spend quiet time catching up in the evenings. I have mastered the art of multi-tasking, and have been known to cook my meals for the next day while making dinner or sometimes you can find me folding laundry while listening to one of the kids read. What I do NOT do, is let any one aspect of my life take over. Allowing one of these facets to overwhelm would throw everything out of balance. Now, this is not to say that I’m not flexible – you have to be in my world. But, if we spend an entire weekend at ballet recitals, the kids know that mommy will take the evening to catch up on whatever it may be even if it means some mommy quiet time.

When my world goes out of balance, everyone suffers. It’s not a happy place to be. We all know that something is wrong. Mommy is cranky because she isn’t getting her workouts in or I am up extremely late working on the business. It just takes a little planning and thought to strike a new balance how to get everything done. The key is to remember that you are just as important as every member of your family. The kids come first sometimes, so does your husband, but there are times of the day that YOU come first. That means giving the things you need a voice and scheduling them into the week. The old saying holds true……

“If Mama isn’t happy, no one is happy!”

JENeration FIT is proud to highlight
Ellen Brecher as our Transformation Story!!!

Here is Ellen’s story.

“About 10 weeks ago, I was getting ready to head to Colorado to walk in the Race for the Cure with my Sister, a 10 year Breast Cancer Survivor. I knew I was wanted to get myself really looking buff for my son’s Bar Mitzvah in December but wasn’t sure I could pull it off. I spent that weekend eating and drinking with family and friends and when I got back I met with JENerationFIT to talk about my goal. With only 8 weeks until the big event, I wanted to begin right away.

The Jen’s (as I lovingly call them) came armed and ready with workouts and an eating plan all ready to roll. We talked and went over every aspect of the plan ahead for the next 8 weeks and even plans for what happens “after” the event. I was excited about the prospect of making some great healthy choices. During the first 4 weeks I ate out often and even had a weekly indulgence meal.

When I began the 5th week, they gave me a little tough love to keep me on the right track to stay focused on my goal. I started out thinking I looked pretty good or a 52 year old who regularly worked out and thought I was eating well and relatively clean. These ladies changed me up, kept it interesting for me by changing up my food to keep me guessing and got me to become very creative with my choices and coupled that with slight changes in my work out routines… each week I was down a few lbs… and inches and watched my body transform like I could have never imagined…. the baby belly roll is virtually gone… incredible…. and I do not feel deprived at all, that is the cool thing.

I started out in excess of 152lbs and at last weight was 132… I did not take a true start weight but I have gone from a size Medium/size 10 to a size small/x-small/size 6 in just 8 weeks and feel great. One of the biggest things that happened is I have learned to love myself and respect my workouts and food choices in order to continue this journey.

The Bar Mitzvah happened just this weekend and it was amazing. My son did a fantastic job, had an incredible time and I felt and looked like a million dollars! Through the Jen’s help I am now focused on my next goal which will be getting through the holidays and then onto 2012 which will include a Triathlon and a bikini!!”

At JENerationFIT we are super proud of Ellen and her success!! Ellen is a busy mother of 3 as well as a successful real estate appraiser and wife. Her workouts and eating had to be tailored to fit her incredibly busy schedule and lifestyle. Ellen has to eat on the road several times during the week so we needed to take her daily routine into consideration. We’re most proud that there were no ridiculously crazy workout regimes required or starvation diets. Up until a few weeks before the event, Ellen was enjoying weekly indulgence meals which included desserts. We are so looking forward to being a part of all her fitness and nutrition goals! Ellen-you are amazing and very much an inspiration!!!